Monday, 7 November 2011

Time Vortex!

Here is something that drives me nuts about computers - the amount of time that seems to get miraculously sucked up in them!  I am a big believer in computers, and the revolution of our generation that is "information technology", but the one thing that gives me pause, is the incredible amount of time that seems to simply vanish when sitting in front of a screen.  I had planned to spend an hour this afternoon looking at other students online presentations.  When I tried to log onto the LMS site, it was having issues due to the volume that it experiences this time of year.  I then decided to access students online presentations through the Blog sites that I am a member of - this worked for 2 of them, but the others weren't available on their blog but through the group Wiki (can't get to group Wiki as this can only be accessed through LMS).  I then re-tried accessing the LMS site.  It's still having issues.  I can now access the student portal, but not the link that takes me to the LMS.....aaargh!  I've now clocked up nearly 2.5 hours sitting in front of a computer and I have only managed to watch two 5 minute preso's.  I didn't want to totally waste the time I had committed to ICT, so I decided to post a few things on my blog instead.  I am the mother of 2 small children, with a job, a full time study load and an online business and my time is VERY carefully allocated.  It constantly amazes me how much time computers suck up precious time!

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  1. I know right! (Well, I don't know about the parenthood duties bit, but the time-sucking ways of technology, yes!) I saw this post recently on a blog I was reading - pretty much it says that if technology takes more time than it saves then it's pretty pointless...